Today was Thursday..

 First on the agenda today was school. 
I tried a RB kind of title on this post but sadly I don`t think it will stick. It`s often the hardest part of each post, to find something that suits.

I have a model in my class. 

His name is Kjetil.

And one more as well.
Actually not, but they could be!

Oskar and Tommy swapped clothes.

We then went to the mall, first stopping by Dolly`s getting some pizza to celebrate Oskars birthday, and then we played there.

Maria always does this..

Me and Stine playing Someone Like You, I am as happy as always.. 
Just kidding, it was really fun!

Nora and Eline

The thirdgraders. 

My dad finally got his first bobbing dog, something he has wished for like forever. We have tried to get one for him before, but there was some trouble with the shipment and so on. But now he has finally got one, and was thrilled when he came home with it today.

Hopefully you have had a nice day as well, and if you haven`t, I can promise you that it will come soon.

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