The greater things are small..

I`m very sorry for all the computertrouble, it makes me really irritated that I can`t blog as much as I want to, but hopefully the computerpeople will soon find out what the problem is, and I really hope it is fixable!.. Today I bought the film "Submarine" because the trailer is really cute! I haven`t seen the intire film yet because my parents wanted to use the television, and also the speakers on the old computer doesn`t work so I can`t watch it here. But I`m really looking forward to it.

Some great things that happened today was; 

* Realizing I had bought a dress on sale a few weeks ago and then totally forgotten about it until today, and I could wear it because it wasn`t too cold outside.

* Getting to work for two hours waiting for a nice neighbour with a bit of spare time to drive me home. Money earned and nice people met.

* Practicing with Stine at "Someone like you" - Adele for tomorrow. We`re going to play at the mall, looking forward to it.

* Having extra time to relax because the bandpractice was cancelled. The snow caused a lot of nice things today.

* Wearing green mittons with tips that almost looked like I had touched the sun when I held them out towards the snow.

* Listening to Nora and Eline sing and play, while watching the snow fall to the ground.

* Buying one of the luchladie`s wonderful creations, this time a baguette with salmond.

* Listening to my favourite songs by Kråkesølv. <3 

A picture I took in England in 2007, I found it today and it reminds me of how fun it was there. 

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