It's the little things that matters..

Like the sun rises these past few days. They've been amazing and I've watched them on the bus to school which is way better than the darkness that filled the mornings just a few weeks ago. Now I can actually stay awake on the bus, and not fall asleep in the middle of a book. The falling asleep part would've been really nice if the bus wasn't filled to it's rims by a bunch of cheeky 14 year olds who looks weird at you no matter what you do.. But back to some nice things;

I love my latest jewelry, and the best part is that it only costed 10 kr!

 I love this camera!

My little sister has been baking cupcakes for my class to sell at our concert tomorrow. Isn't she nice? No wonder why my class loves her. 

My lovely Mac, with a "green" wallpaper, and a note.

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