Christmas eve and presents!..

Here's some pictures from Christmas eve, and a lot of what I got. There is a few presents I haven't taken a picture of yet but that is either because I have already used it or if I didn't have it in the same room as I was in at the time.

What I wore, and in the background you can see my cat.

Charlie enjoying a treat.

Opening presents

My sisters love Bieber..

Trying on my new pajamas.

Masquerade mask

I've already used this because it is awesome! 

Some of the cute cards I got.

Grandma knitted me a pair of socks!

A sketchbook, the leather is incredible soft, and I love it!

Stine is awesome!

She also drew me

I exchanged one of the "Uglies" to this.


From my parents I got two tickets to go se Bublé and I hung them on the fridge so I wouldn't loose them. When the power was gone all the ice cubes in the fridge melted, the water ran down the door on the outside, discolored and threatened to ruin the tickets. Hopefully the barcode didn't get so ruined that it's unreadable..

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