The sleepover has been postponed, and will not be held until in December. 
But I still think it will be awesome, and this saturday we're going to have fun 
celebrating both Tommy and Nora's birthdays with a sleepover. 
The only problem is to find something to give to them, but I will figure something out. 
This weekend I'm also going to Oskar with my class to practice for the concert we're having next week, and I'm going to sleep there, and from there I will go to Nora. 
After all of this, both my marching bands are going to practice the whole sunday, 
and afterwards we will have a small concert for parents and friends. 
Here I am going to play solo on the Baritone, and hopefully 
I will not be so nervous that I spoil it all.

BTW, Today when I was in Oslo with my class, 
I almost walked into Jonas Alaska! 
I was so surprised I completely forgot to take a picture of him, 
but it was really cool that he was there at the same time as us!

Eline and Nora practicing In the Backseat by Jonas Alaska for our concert next week.

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