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Most of my pictures nowadays are fully manual, even the focus. This is because I don't like to take pictures in auto, and because the lens I now use is not actually made for digital cameras, so it doesn't have autofocus. The only disadvantages are when I take pictures of people it's harder to get really good focus in the pictures (since I always shoot with f/2), and it takes some time to change the settings on the camera when I move from outside to inside, and I forget that a lot of times. It doesn't help that my friends want to take some snapshots with my camera from time to time, and I have to help with the settings, explain why I have a prime lens, and why it doesn't have autofocus. My favorite lens also is built, as I've said, for a much older camera, and therefore instead of being a 50mm lens as it is on the original camera, it works as a 70mm lens. This makes it a lot harder to take pictures of friends, since I have to stand so far away. 
So because of these reasons, I am now currently saving for a Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 lens.

Fully manual, with the old lens. 

Fully manual, with the same as the one before.

Auto with standard lens that followed with the camera. 

Taken on auto with the standard lens. 

I actually love this picture even though I didn't manage to get it in focus!
Taken fully manual, with the old lens I found on a Nikomat.

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