Hi, sorry about the late update but everything happened today. A lot of unexpected stuff happened, and a lot of it was negative. This was a day of forgetting. Forgetting a test in History, forgetting my driving lesson, forgetting to bring a book from my locker to class, forgetting a book I was supposed to return to the library. I also got really scared at the driving lesson when suddenly a deer was beside the road, thinking about crossing, but luckily it turned and ran away. I was so frightened, it was hard to focus on the rest of the lesson. Also my right ring finger is hurting again.. It started to hurt last week, but after using Ibux gel the pain was gone for almost two days, but now it hurts again. I think it may have something to do with the Trombone, but I'm not a hundred percent shure. But enough of my complaints! 
I finally got my book today! 
After waiting for it for 19 days, it has arrived, and it's beautiful. 

849 pages of fantasy!
Sorry about the bad quality,
 I didn't have time to use my DSLR because I have to sleep, 
as well as any other person. 
And my phone didn't take as long to use.

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