Get it Wrong, Get it Right..

These pictures were a little bit inspired by the song called 
Get it wrong, get it right by Feist.

"Wind on the fields blowin' your hair
We were cold, we were cold, we were cold
We were cold, hand to hold, hand to hold

Come to the hill, got a nest to build
String and grass, string and grass, string and grass
String and grass, be the past, be the past

Climb up to the clouds, tops of the trees
Little road, little road, little road
Little road, come and go, come and go

River dam, lake fills up the land
Skippin' stones, skippin' stones, skippin' stones
Skippin' stones, build a home, build a home

Cold outside, warm by the fire
Get it wrong, get it wrong, get it wrong
Get it right, get it right, get it right"

Today I drew a mustache on my hand.
(I know my hand looks weird, but it's because it was really cold.) 

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