Everything I have to do, but don't have time to...

This week I have a test in Norwegian Literature, 
have to write an essay that is only half-finished, 
have an oral presentation in spanish. 
I also have a concert with my school, 
and an other concert with the brass band 
(where I'm going to play a solo on the fist song of the evening, 
and this I have to practice for). 
My brass band is also going to play when we light 
the lights in the christmas tree this sunday. 
I also have to practice the piano, 
and the trombone, 
and also hopefully singing 
(I'm going to sing at Stine's piano exam). 
And not to forget; I have History homework, 
Norwegian folk music homework, 
have to find the tones that I'm going to play at Marie's singing exam. 
On Thursday and Friday we're going on a tour 
to some Jr.high schools and play for them, 
and I have to be prepared for that. 
And as if all of this isn't enough I have to find two songs
 that I can play at my own exam, exercise 3 and a half hours (it is homework as well). 
I probably have a lot more, 
but this was all I could remember right now.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Dritfint bilde! :3
    -Så nesten ut som om det var fra en skrekkfilm, en forlatt skole liksom.. cx