The unfashionable..

Since I finished jr.High I've lost some weight. All of my clothes are now too big, and to be honest; they're not very fashionable! Lately I've found more and more clothes on the internet that I want, but I can't afford them because I don't have a job. It's really frustrating to want to dress better, but haven't got the time to make money so you can buy new clothes. Some may say that I can sell my old clothes, but I would much rather give them to Fretex or some other organization, someone that can't afford clothes can then maybe get some. This is not supposed to be a post where I complain about everything and behave like a spoiled brat, it's just that my friends have so awesome styles and most of my clothes makes me look like a boy. 

My all too big winter shoes, and my dog Charlie.

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