Haven't bothered blogging lately, sorry. Actually, what I wanted to tell you, is that today I had my first official driving-lesson, and it was awesome. It was really fun, and I can barely wait until I get my license! 

In other news, I found a quote today;
"The history of every country begins in the heart of a man or a woman" 
- Willa Carther
I realized today that I have been missing thinking about quotes, and wonder about their meaning. We did quite a lot of it in jr. high, but lately I just haven't used my brain as much. And actually I've grown quite fond of it, but enough of this, back to the quote. I can see what she wants with it; if we hadn't fought for our country it wouldn't be any history worth telling about it, nothing much to be proud of, and nothing to really put deep inside our hearts... And since I'm so bad at writing proper English, I will leave it to this, and you can look deeper into the meaning of the quote by yourself.

Just a little something I built on my way to Bergen about a month ago.

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