Hove 28.06.2011

On Tuesday I was at Hove and saw Jimmy Eat World, All Time Low and 30 Seconds to Mars. 
It was really fun! I had a blast! But I didn't bring my Nikon because I didn't want to loose it or ruin it, so I used my phone and some of these pictures have been taken by the bands.

The pictures are not in the right order..

The main stage

All Time Low <3
You can't see me because of the black boxthing, but I could touch the fence! 
P.S. They where AWESOME!

Jimmy Eat World <3
"Meg" is "me" in norwegian.
 And the arrow is pointing at my arms because I'm holding a heart towards Jimmy Eat World! 
(Hanne is my little sister, and Lillann is her best friend.

30 Seconds to Mars
I'm far back by the tower-ish thing with the spotlights.

Hanne and Lillann waiting to be let into the moshpitfence.  

Jimmy Eat World <3
 They where amazing!

BTW. This is one of our neighbors here in Bergen..

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