Friday, Årnes

This Friday me and my friends went to Årnes because people in my class, and people I know played at a band battle there, and we had to vote for them!

Eating Lolli Pops at the train station.

Even climbed a pole.

Munda, me and Birgitte showing our muscles.

They had a battle.

Kjetil came to play with his band "Search for safety".

Birgitte B.

Munda and the twins.

Kjetil and his band on stage.

Kjetil, when he's about to wreck a keyboard.


Rocking guitar.


Giving the crowd the finger.

Edward in Nordic Wave.

Nordic Wave.


Oskar from my class! (An Observation)

Simen from my class playing on his bass "Katy Perry". (An Observation)

Birgitte and Alexandra

"Just layin' on the ground"

"Masi" drawing

His drawing

Summed up: An awesome day!

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